Video for web or social media


How to do it and what recommendations to follow

Dare to be original: Both the content of the video and how to spread it on social networks should be based on creativity. It is the only way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition.

Topics of interest: Take a look at the topics that succeed in social networks and take advantage of these trends to adapt your message.

Brief and concise: Adapt your video to the functioning and rhythm of social networks. Make short videos, as they will be more attractive on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It provokes the impact: It excites, it is close, it makes you laugh, it invites you to reflect ... In short, it draws attention and makes people get excited and want to share your video. Or generate action.

Information of interest: In social networks what really is useful triumphs. Create and disseminate videos with quality content that provide some value to users.

Make it easy: Put the share button next to the videos on your website. It is very important that Internet users can spread the content quickly, easily and conveniently.

Use tags: Most social networks use tags or hashtag to group conversations around a specific topic. Take advantage of this resource.

In Cucumelo films we help you not only in the making of the video, but also in its dissemination. If you have a company, a project, a creative concept, we invite you to bring it to light with us. Our company has great experience in the market and a great team of professionals: producers, editors, Internet experts, designers, community managers, photographers, creatives, writers and editors.

8 tips from Cucumelo Films

  1. Planning / defining objective: The first step is to clarify the ideas. It is necessary to think what you want to do and what goals you want to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly define what is to be communicated, to whom and how.
  2. Duration: One of the main defects that a video for a company can have is an excessive duration. The final result should be brief and concise, since trying to include a lot of information can be counterproductive.
  3. Define the type of video for the company you want to make: The options are several: Introductory to new products or services (Introducing); Tutorials (How to); Informative; Demonstrative Advertisers; Video catalogs; Testimonials; Educational; Corporate; and Recruitment.
  4. Contact a good producer: It is important to put yourself in the hands of good professionals and demand quality. It is advisable to ask them to show you their previous work to see if your experience gives you confidence.
  5. Script: The best thing is to summarize the business activity in a series of main concepts and let the image complete the message we want to convey. We must take care of the order in which the ideas and words used are exposed (it avoids technical and overly professional language), betting on short phrases that motivate the viewer and give us credibility.
  6. Record in High Definition (HD): If the company video is going to be the letter of presentation of a company or innovative project, it is necessary to be demanding with the final result.
  7. Voiceover: In case of videos with voice over, it is important to have the best professionals in this field. It's a more important component than meets the eye, so it's crucial to ask the producer to show us a catalog of voices.
  8. Internet and social networks: At the present time, the internet and social networks are the best mechanism to get a message through, since they allow global communication with virtually no limits. The network is the place where you can best take advantage of the dissemination of a video, either from a web page, from video portals such as You Tube or Vimeo, or from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin. These platforms give continuity to the promotion work and open up new possibilities.




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