El ABC de los Padres
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ABC de los Padres

Product Type: Educational

Genre: TV magazine.

Client: El ABC de los Padres


ABC de los Padres was a program that had produced several episodes for channel 33 and was looking to organize its production process / design and therefore, improve the production bill of the program, which gave us the opportunity to broadcast the program on Teletica Channel 7, the main television channel in Costa Rica.

Parents separate children

El abc de los padres

Today, after more than 26 seasons, more than 75 specialists who have contributed their knowledge and with broadcasts in several countries in Latin America and the United States, in Cucumelo Films we are in a continuous process of changing and updating the content for parents.

The TV program on Channel 7 is a challenge for the production company because with the passage of time we must update the messages and the media to the new generations.

Safe children, happy children and children with a great education



Our commitment is to support the education of your children.

This stage will also pass.

El ABC de los padres