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Audiovisual Production

We have been working in audiovisual production in Costa Rica since 2007, and since our first day we sought to be an answer to our clients' need for quality institutional and corporate documentaries. Our portfolio of audiovisual and cinematographic work makes us the audiovisual production company in Costa Rica that has made more documentary projects to date. You can visit our channel at YouTube or learn more about our work in audiovisual production below.

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Corporate and institutional documentaries

Institutional videos are a portrait of your company or organization, it is the face you show to your customers, partners, suppliers or users. The best and most effective business card because in a few minutes, you can give a striking image of your business or organization. See here our experience in audiovisual production of documentaries:

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Commercial spots

We produce advertising together with your advertising agency or with you, advising you in each of the stages. From the initial analysis, which leads to the brief, script writing, production design and post production. We look forward to being part of your next video advertisement.

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Audiovisual production for television programs

We have experience in the development of ideas, production, post-production and distribution of television content. We have developed television proposals for Canal 7, Xpert TV, SINART and Multimedios. With repetition in regional channels in Costa Rica and with projection in cable and television stations outside the country.

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2D Animation

Digital animation is necessary for the audiovisual production, from the point of animating the faces of the videos, the supers or credits to having created ways to show products or services using only digital animation. In Cucumelo Films we have specialized in 2d animation to offer all types of animated video to our clients.

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Film production

Man does not live by bread alone, we started more than 15 years ago with the desire to make fiction and documentary films. Our first formally constituted company   Candy Caramels Films was created with that intention. Today we continue to put our love for cinema at the service of our clients. In every project we do, we try to learn and put into practice the beautiful and complex language of cinema.

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Videos for internet

Today television advertising is giving way to one of our star services, the video generation of content for social networks, we enjoy it very much because creativity is free, directed and with much more clear and risky objectives! We want to sign up for your project today!

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Event records of companies or organizations

Record a congress, clinic, fair, event, exhibition, symposium and other events in high quality videos and photographs, to give more value to your company or organization.

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