Audiovisual Internships Costa Rica

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Cucumelo Films has an internship program for students interested in learning more about audiovisual production and filmmaking in Costa Rica. Learn more about Candy Caramels Films, our film production company. We receive applications for audiovisual and film internships all year round.

Internships are held at our offices in Ayarco Sur Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica.

We are primarily interested in applications with a background in film or audiovisual production. Priority is given to people interested in deepening their knowledge in area of production.

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Professional Audiovisual Internships

Professional internships in audiovisual production.

These are some of the study centers that have trusted our production company: Colegio Universitario San Judas Tadeo, ULACIT, Universidad Latina, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Veritas, Instituto Europeo Di Design S.L IED, Universidad de Costa Rica, Centro Unversitario de ARTES TAI, Kenyon College, Ohio, Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), Centro de Educación Salesiano Don Bosco, among others.

For more information about requirements and instructions to apply, send an email to, add in the subject of the email: Audiovisual Internship + your name

Our approach is one of continuous accompaniment and counseling, interns and trainees are incorporated into narrative and commercial projects. Our vision as a company is mixed, understanding that it is not possible to make films without generating resources that come from advertising. Our collaborators at Cucumelo Films seek the professional and technical development of each of our interns and trainees. This is a commitment we made when we accepted them. We want it to be a great experience and we try to promote creativity from our production framework. We have received interns and trainees from Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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Professional Audiovisual Internships

Isabella Naranjo - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali - Colombia.

My name is Isabella Naranjo and I am from Cali, Colombia. A year ago, when I was about to graduate from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with an emphasis in Audiovisual Production, I had to face the idea of choosing a professional internship, one that would allow me not only to put to the test what I had learned in 5 years of undergraduate studies, but also to challenge me and allow me to discover and learn everything that cannot be taught at the university. See More

John Ortíz - Kenyon College, Ohio - United States.

At Cucumelo Films I had the experience of working as an assistant editor and camera assistant on a large number of commercial productions. Working as an intern gave me the opportunity to get to know many places in my country that I had no idea about, and made me appreciate much more the cinematographic and creative value of Costa Rica, its places and its people. See More

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Professional Audiovisual Internships

Daniela Madríz - Colegio Técnico Don Bosco - CR.

I was delighted to be able to work on the Quarantine sequel project, a lot of hard work to bring it to an excellent level. Also from Trasescena I learned a lot of technical things like the program itself and from Hey! how the work is distributed and how to get it done. See More

Kenneth Chanto - Internship - CR.

I learned a lot about editing and post-production, field work and logistics involved in production.  See More

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