Gollitos Back to School
"A creation arising from the botargas"

Gollitos back to School

Product type: Advertising commercial.

Genre: Fiction

Client: Gollo



Gollo is a very popular character in Costa Rica of the largest white goods and technology store in Costa Rica, for that reason as part of BTL marketing strategies the image of the character is used in all activities of the brand. For the back to school 2018, the challenge of creating a fiction with fifty botargas was accepted.

Directing actors has its secret, directing non-actors is quite a challenge, but directing botargas with non-actors you have to be strategic.

Gollitos en bus

Cucumelo Fims established the creativity and developed the script for the commercial, then defined rehearsals to coordinate all the botargas for the shooting day. The production of locations and permits was a job that enhanced the narrative of the short commercial.

The commercial provided us with exploration tools with popular characters that we later used in other works of the production company.

This project arises from experimentation with aesthetics of the botarga and audiovisual narrative.

Gollitos Back to school

Gollitos Back to School

Ideas evolve: Gollito for Guadalupe was the beginning of this adventure.

We wanted to play, to make the return to school a moment of joy with Gollo.