Dancing With the Stars – El chunche









Client: Mauricio Montero

Name of the video: Dancing with the Stars - El Chunche

Date: October, 2015

Distribution: Digital Content

Category: Viral - Digital Content

Description: Series of viral videos for social networks, where people are invited to vote and support Mauricio Montero "El Chunche" and his dance partner, Lucia, on the TV show Dancing with the Stars, broadcast on Channel 7 in Costa Rica. These videos were made in order that Mr. Montero communicate more pleasantly with his followers throughout the television program. Our work consisted of recording the clips and editing them. These videos are born as a sincere gratitude from our audiovisual producer to Mr. Montero for the unconditional participation he gave us as the spokesperson for the national environmental campaign, "Accept it, it's illegal", produced by us. We are very grateful to Mr. Montero for his sincere friendship and collaboration in our projects and we hope to have the opportunity to continue working with him in the near future.