El Bufo Teaser

Name of the video: El Bufo

Date: November, 2017

Distribution: Digital Content

Category: Documentary film

Description: Teaser made for the documentary El Bufo

Synopsis: Taira (40) is a rodeo clown who is part of the Torera Family. He lives with Clara (27) with whom he maintains a problematic relationship and his stepson Jonatan (7) whom he sees as his own son. In one of the corridas, Taira receives a strong blow from a bull which sends him to the hospital. Before the accident, Taira is in a wheelchair without knowing how long it will take to recover. Throughout this process of recovery, Taira has a constant encounter with his past: his alcoholism, the figure of his unknown father and the follow-up of his daughter Jenny (15) who left as a child. From there, Taira will have to confront his new condition and leave aside his role as a rodeo clown to what he dedicated throughout his life