"Advice on good practices to be carried out in different actions."

Hey! Project

Product type: Educational

Génre: Puppet Series

Creativity: Cucucmelo Films


Sequence of educational videos where different contents are addressed to children that allow them to know and associate with daily activities, for this a series of tips that can be applied in areas such as: tolerance, pets, food, exercise, brigade, imagination and whistling.

Nothing can be solved with violence

Hablando de alimentación

For the production of Hey! project, a character and the most interactive way to capture the attention of children was considered, so a puppet character was created to represent what can be corrected or should not be done and a guest to provide guidance and examples of how to change or do things better.

Sharing life skills.

hey y Yiyo

hey! tema de peatones

People can understand each other by talking.

Education of values and principles is essential.