Jale al Puerto
"Promote the Port by telling stories."

Jale al Puerto serie web

Product type: Mini web series

Genre: Short film series

Client: Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT)


The Tourism Promotion Board in Puntarenas sought, in a novel way, to reactivate tourism in the Port through a campaign where the main piece was the audiovisuals; the story of some characters who traveled from GAM to the Port to remember a moment or relive a loved one.  In this way, the audiovisuals would have the objective of promoting the place with the help of an unforgettable experience.

Stories with the warmth and closeness of the port.

Jale al Puerto Serie Web

Cucumelo Films helped bring these stories to life: analyzing the scripts, choosing among the proposals and, of course, getting to know the Port through the eyes of the characters.

Proyect let's go to the Port was an opportunity to learn new ways to promote a brand through the closeness of a story.

The objective of the brand through the eyes of the characters.

proyect let's go port

Jale al Puerto Serie Web

Reactivate the Port with the help of storytelling.

The port as a place that holds an important feeling for Costa Ricans.

Proyect let's go port