La familia de la Vejiga

Name of the video: Teaser La familia de la Vejiga

Date: November,2017

Distribution: Digital Content

Category: Video Teaser - Promotional Video - Digital Content

Descripción: Teaser of the documentary La Familia de la Vejiga.

Synopsis: The festivities of San Bartolomé, better known as Barva's popular festivities, are made up of a cultural fabric that weaves together the traditional Costa Rican masquerade with clowns and cimarronas. A celebration that in the eyes of the world seems colloquial but opens the eyes to those who manage to be part of it and realize that parties are not parties if there are no bladders. This last factor is hampered by the prohibition of SENASA, the State and the Ministry of Health, a situation that complicates but does not prevent the bladders from being achieved, as a party without giving and receiving vejigazos is not a party. This has led to illegal transfer in the slaughterhouses in the area. Bombi, the most famous mask in the village, contributes to the cultural tradition as an artist, but his real contribution to the festivities is to be, together with his family, the bladder dealer.