Punto y Coma
"The first season with a different format"

Eleventh season 2022

Product type:
Web/TV Series.
Génre: Docu-fiction.
Stage: Distribution.
Client: Editorial Universidad Estatal a Distancia.


For ten years, Editorial UNED offered a program with a television magazine format on the literary works published by the publishing house.

Cucumelo Films set himself the challenge of transforming the eleventh season of the Punto y Coma project into a different format. To do so, he used fiction as an added value and created the journey of a character who wants to make a documentary about current Costa Rican literature.

"Fact and fiction were important values to expose all literary works."

Punto y Coma en el Museo de Oro

We got to know the authors in depth so that the scripts not only had a philological perspective, but also so that the character's needs could be connected to each of the literary works in the episodes.

The new format of the Punto y Coma project was an exciting journey where it was discovered that a program about literature can also be entertaining for the audience. A project where literature and audiovisual come together to create a unique language.

Follow a character that grows in a 20-episode arc.


Serie Punto y Coma

The accompaniment of the voices of 20 Costa Rican authors.

Rediscover literature through audiovisual language.

20 guiones

The eleventh season of PUNTO Y COMA is an educational series that mixes fiction and documentary.