Ruta 32

Community documentary made in the community of Guápiles of the canton of Pococí de Limón, with funds from the Workshop Scholarship Program of the Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. Selected work for the Costa Rica International Film Festival “Peace with the Earth” 2013. The impact that this project has had is defined in the contribution it makes to a way of recovering the historical memory through the reconstruction of stories made by people older adults who were, at the time, protagonists of the construction process of the so-called Route 32, which goes to the Caribbean area of ​​our country. The documentary is a record of his memory and a possibility for current generations to recognize historical versions of a fact from unofficial but significant stories for community identity.

It was quite a journey to get out of the “ass of the world”, in it they escaped from their lives, it was an eight-hour trip, getting to San José in less time was the challenge of this Caribbean community. They heard of a road for carts, that next to the railroad transported the coffee to Europe and heard of the trips by the mountains of many adventurers, this together with their imperative need motivated them to seek to open a way to San José so in the In the seventies his community adventure began, which, due to the town of Bellavista, did not materialize due to the fact that the Zurquí massif was impassable. The community did not falter and moved other possibilities: due to its tenacity, the design of the current route began and after many years of construction, problems and governments, the long-awaited Route 32 was built. Today the trip lasts one hour, today nothing is as before: “the vans disturb us, we no longer know anyone but that was it or to remain the ass of the world”.