El Bosque Guarda Aventuras
"An approach to the natural sciences with a magical story behind it."

El Bosque Guarda Aventuras

Product Type: Animated Series

Génre: Edutainment

Client: Ministerio de Educación Publica (MEP) y Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia (ESPH)


Through conversations and meetings about the importance of providing a better quality of education for the first school cycle, the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) and the Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia (ESPH) proposed us to build an animated series on natural sciences with two characters that function as guides for three seasons; using the question as a didactic method, which leads the character to reflect and reason to face different scenarios.

Build a character to teach the children.

El Bosque guarda aventuras

At Cucumelo Films, building a story is the opportunity to share an experience that one knows, from beginning to end, holds an unforgettable experience. We are taught stories like Finding Nemo where we accompany the life of an overprotective father searching for his son in the immense ocean, but underneath it all we learn with the character, the power of overcoming and facing fears. Each story keeps a 2+2 in the story that when we solve it, we feel an enormous satisfaction when we find the secret that was hidden.

We wanted children to be able to learn natural sciences, but at the same time to be entertained. El bosque guarda aventuras tells the story of Clopi, a spider monkey or red monkey, and Ema, a glass frog, who want to become guardians of the forest, but to achieve this goal, they must embark on a journey in a magical tropical forest and recover the pieces of a mysterious artifact that allows them to observe all the knowledge of nature.

El Bosque Guarda Aventuras


An educational entertainment.

Costa Rica's nature is transformed into a magical tropical forest.

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