Soy Improvisado – The Movie

The documentary film Soy Improvisao, its in the post-production stage. This documentary has 5 years in production and is currently in the final cut of editing, mixing, colorization and music.

It was awarded by Ibermedia in Development and by the Proartes fund to complete the postproduction.

The premiere was in December 2017 in Costa Rica.

Why so much work? Five years? Improvised bullfighters?

The improvised bullfighters are part of the Costa Rican culture and not of that privileged culture that is found in the official history books, or that is the reason of public acts, it is the “other culture” that is recognized as a culture of the popular, of the circus, the improvised and the clownish, elements that become a reflection of today’s society, these are the reasons that make up this story that seeks to make these anonymous “actors” visible, their stories, experiences and wounds, which heal with the passage of years before the carefree look of those who enjoy their show every year.

Therefore, this project is approached from the intimacy of three characters that year after year represent a community exposed through television and that has been conceived as a tradition at the end of the year. The “Fiestas de Zapote” are a pretext for these three men who give meaning to their individualities, through the meaning they give to this activity. In this way, the documentary presents us with another perspective of what we already see on national television and that is the contribution that can be made to the cultural environment.

It is not about “levantines”, nor the rounds, nor are they about bulls. What we see in the documentary are stories that reveal humanities, as well as plural, since each of the three stories tells us a way to carry out humanity and a different way of looking at yourself, of facing your masculinity, to its loneliness and its defects, turning a common space that is the roundabout into a vital refuge, where in some way the inflection points that determine their lives, do not reach them and where they experience a sense of existence taken to the limit.

This is how our contribution as an organization to the cultural environment, is positioned to offer that perspective that remains on the sidelines, that of individuals who, being “massified” from the label of “improvised bullfighters”, are diluting their individual stories and the reasons that each one has to affirm each time they are exposed in the circle. This human treatment, this search for excluded perspectives, was an important element for the film to obtain the declaration of public interest by the Ministry of Culture and Youth of our country (attached in the documents).

We intend this way, to offer other stories of a part of the popular culture of our country.