The hidden face

"Age does not matter when it comes to saving the community from oblivion.."

La Cara Oculta

Product Type: Feature Film

Genre: Documentary



A creative and community documentary in the town of Líbano de Tilarán (a community popularly known in the area as an old people's town) that began with the support of the Scholarship Workshop program of the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and is expected to be completed next year with resources from the production company. Cucumelo Films. The story tells how four seniors and lifelong friends decide to face their loneliness to save their community from extinction.

A story of hope and motivation.

La Cara Oculta

It is the last effort is not only a journey through the past of a forgotten mining community, but also the path towards a future totally opposed to the destruction that mining inherited. The lama (dump of mining residues, many of them toxic) is the price that the new generations of Lebanon must pay for the extraction of gold, it is the open wound left by mining, for this reason they will rediscover the meaning of it together with a young student of Tourism when they put into practice a peculiar plan of tourist promotion for Lebanon of Tilarán.

Together they will climb hills, walk over waterfalls, fly over treetops, all to feel alive again so that their grandchildren will have the same opportunity to live and die in Libano.

Libano Oculta

La Cara Oculta documentary

Tourism is a town's last chance.

Preserve even that which can kill you.

La Cara Oculta documentary

Proyecto Libano

Tanatotourism in Costa Rica.