Jhon Maxwell

"Stories that visualize the transformation of a country."

John Maxwell Documentary

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Making companies and institutions work efficiently is something to which all leaders aspire; this generates positive results both for the organizations and for the country in general. This is the premise that strengthens the thinking of the foundation headed by John Maxwell, an American expert in leadership, who collaborates with different countries in order to transform the ways of working of their organizations to make them more efficient in order to make the nation more successful. Under this idea is that he comes to our country with the Mejoremos Costa Rica Foundation, to work with different sectors in search of that goal.

Follow one voice across the country.

Conferencia de John Maxwell

Cucumelo Films accompanies John Maxwell to each of his talks around the country, offering a product that moves in the documentary language. In this way, the audience can get to know the Mejoremos Costa Rica Foundation in a deeper and more transparent way.

Find brilliance in every talk given by John Maxwell.

Jonh Maxwell

John Maxwell en conferencia

Audiovisuals are an important contribution to a foundation.