Professional Practice Costa Rica – Daniela Madriz

Internship Costa Rica in audiovisual production – testimonial

1. How was your experience?

From the beginning I was very well received by the whole team. They had the patience to teach me and explain how to do the work. You learn a lot from how to start the production process, to how to make the graphic and audiovisual material. And how it is to work with different people steeped in art and design as something minimalist can say a lot and works for the brand.

Delighted to be able to work on the Secuelas de la Cuarentena project, a lot of hard work to bring it up to an excellent standard. Also from Trasescena I learned a lot of technical things like the program itself and from Hey! how the work is distributed to how to get it done.

They definitely work to make things come out well, and for those who like the whole audiovisual world, it is a good place to learn about different topics.

I am very grateful for having let me be part of different projects because with all of them I knew something new and I learned what it is like to work with real clients and that experience is very necessary and indispensable nowadays.

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